A Collection of My Videos

These videos range from video editing, video production, animation, etc

Letter to an American

Henry Rollins, a unique character; speaks to the audience of adults trying to find their place in the world. This passage has moved me and I decided to create a composition based on his words.

It's not your fault

From the movie Good Will Hunting, I interpreted the conversation between Will and Shawn. I created the atmosphere to be emotional and deep. Using specific typefaces and colors to distinguish the characters, I synced the voice and the emotion together to compose this meaningful scene.

Atmisive TV

The idea came to mind when designing for a tv clip in my motion design class. The look was inspired by YTV mixed with Adult Swim and Teletoon.


The beginnings and visual constructs of PURE have been very experimental. An extreme contrast between strokes and letter forms, it was a competition between visuals, feel, and atmosphere that finalized the product that PURE is today.There were many vast inspirations that have had an impression on this typeface. Mostly due to today’s modernism, I decided to create a hybrid geometrical and organic sans serif.


I was always interested in photography. It intrigued me and inspired me to create. I always new of timelapse photography and wanted to experiment and work on developing that skill.

David Scott Armstrong

In relation with my Intaglio class, I was fascinated in my instructors theory and thought process. He focused on process and the development of one’s work. He can articulate wonderful structured thoughts that would change one’s view of art and work. With permission of David, I sat down with David and my friend Tracy Baker (who would instruct the interview) and myself. We dedicated one afternoon to film and interview. In one half, we interviewed David, in the other, we had the great opportunity to observe his advanced printing class and film shots of physical work and human interactions. Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience of just observing and experience the atmosphere of an old media.

David Scott Armstrong


Creating a theoretical television show, I decided to create a sequence based on a 1980's feel and sound.