Project Concept

Create a new innovative business. Design their logo and graphic elements. Develop their visual and design style and express it throughout their stationary and applicable mediums.

Techniplex is modern and innovative business that enjoys expanding the experience of the viewer. We wish the viewer to have an awakening experience of the movie theatre. We look to forward and heighten the experience of interaction and of visual media. We enjoy exploring the bounds of ourselves and of our community to commit to a reality of visual entertainment. We endorse and promote visual and design thinking.


Create a brand that has it’s own visual style and design. Design a logo, colour scheme, graphical elements, mission statement, collateral and other applicable mediums. Apply the designs effectively and keep the brand consistent and relatable.

Brand Message
Your World
Brand Concept

Techniplex is a revolutionary experience that uses virtual reality technology to create new immersive worlds. Virtual Reality is the media that they use to create visuals that surround the audience in a bubble of their own personal experience. With the ability to view at any angle and discover each scene in a new way, Techniplex is the company that wishes to be the front runner of immersive movies and experiences.


VR technology is a newly emerging technology that creates a 360 degree area in front of the viewer. Within this view, objects and effects can come into focus making it almost real. That in mind, having the logo as a sphere is a correct start to a brand that is based off of this technology.

VR technology is mostly user centric, the viewer is mostly in control of all movements of the angles and directions. Having a sphere as a foundation of the brand is a start, with the user being the center of the digital world they are the focus and the ones in control of their choices of an experience. Thus this trails into the construction of the messaging being about the user in “their world”.

Final Product