Project Concept

To create a social platform, that tracks and records our memoreis and interactions with others

Our brains use the process of using electrical impulses to access information. This process of impulses can be used to remember and recall information within our past. Our memories are located across our brain and can trigger multiple senses due to their location.

False memory is the misinterpretation of this information in the brain. False memories are the result of believing in an event or information that is incorrect or that has never happened. This misinterpretation can be influenced by many factors. Time being the biggest factor that can alter one’s memory; it can erase and twist perceptions of our memories.Time is not the only factor that can change our memory. Media like photographs and narratives can influence memory. The mediums can be viewed as catalysts that are capable of manipulating or even introduce a new memory.


Our interpretations change due to our identity that is always developing. This constant process of re-evaluating one self is affecting us and our memories can lead to misinterpretation or even false memory. False memory is a possibility to anyone. The interpretation of information just like a computer can be manipulated and be corrupted. Which can lead to a false belief or even a false life. Our minds are an adaptive muscle that can process information instantaneously. Powerful as it is, it is nonetheless susceptible to factors that can mislead and create false memory.
Our memories can be compromised and misremembered.


Generate an online system that can track, analyze and store users memories.

Target Audience

Everyone remembers. Everyone has memories. All people have good and bad memories. Our target audience is everyone. People from all walks of life.
Young teens to the older generation.


Create an accessible online database that can track, record and analyze documentations (text,photo, video) of people’s posted memories. Raise the standard of expectations for social media, generate a new kind of interaction and create a bond with the client and the user base.

Brand Message
Record. Rewind. Play.

Research and analyze the problem with depth and generate a plan and an approach To create a brand that evokes our intentions Generate a discussion for possible opportunities and creatives Develop a website that is user-friendly, manageable, responsive. Develop and produce a 3D Web GL Interactive system that is compatible with touch surfaces and standard inputs (keyboard + mouse) Create a sample of a data base to portray the usage and the language of the product with the brand. Create a video that resembles and promotes the brand and product appropriately.